Scott's Projects
Scotts Electric BikeElectric BikeElectric bike using DC Hub Motors
Scotts Starter Motor Powered BikeStarter Motor Powered BikeBike with car starter motor power.

Robert's Projects
Roberts MR2 ConversionMR2 ConversionMR2 Conversion

Graham's Projects
Grahams Electric BikeElectric BikeAn electric bike using a brushless DC motor

Paul's Projects
Pauls LVDS Laptop LCDLVDS Laptop LCDCheap and easy LCD monitor for LVDS capable Motherboards
Pauls LCD Touch Panel InterfaceLCD Touch Panel InterfaceCode development for later projects
Pauls 8 Channel Analogue Input module for Univeral Controller8 Channel Analogue Input module for Univeral ControllerAdd on board for my Universal Controller
Pauls Serial RouterSerial RouterDevelopment Control System Hub
Pauls Universal ControllerUniversal ControllerUseful Winamp Controller
Pauls Single Channel Dimmer ModuleSingle Channel Dimmer ModulePolytech Project
Pauls External Hard Disk DrivesExternal Hard Disk DrivesFirewire 800 and USB 2
Pauls Mechanical Sorting ArmMechanical Sorting ArmHigh school metalwork project
Pauls Electric ScooterElectric ScooterHigh school metal work project
Pauls Light DimmerLight DimmerHigh school metal work project
Pauls Flatbed PlotterFlatbed PlotterHigh school metal work project
Pauls Mechanical ArmMechanical ArmHigh school metal work project